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Team and contributors

September 2010 — last update August 2013

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DoudouLinux is a community project in which any motivated person as well as organizations can contribute in order to improve it, particularly concerning translations. It is not necessary to get involved for the long-term to contribute, you can just bring what you think to be able to bring. As we have many ideas to develop DoudouLinux, nearly anyone can bring something to our project, this is not restricted to translations. Of course if you feel motivated to participate for a long time, this is possible too!

More than a hundred people already took part to our project since the beginning, likely around 150 people, with various durations of involvement depending on people availability. We cannot list every people because the list is regularly evolving and we may forget some of them… Most of our contributors are translators because we already have 43 languages opened on Transifex, which requires a lot of people to do the job. However the core team involves a dozen regular contributors who are not especially involved into translations:

  • Project leader and founder: Jean-Michel Philippe
  • Main developers: Stéphane Aulery, Gérald Kerma, Jean-Michel Philippe
  • Main testers: Xavier Brusselaers, Richard Holt, Сергей Комков (Sergey Komkov), Denis Le Quellec
  • Main drawers and graphic designers: Elisa de Castro Guerra, Frédéric Van Muysen
  • Music composer/arranger: Jean-Michel Philippe
  • Main promoters: Xavier Brusselaers, Richard Holt, Gérald Kerma, Сергей Комков (Sergey Komkov), Denis Le Quellec, Erick Mascart, Jean-Michel Philippe
  • Websites: Xavier Brusselaers, Elisa de Castro Guerra, Frédéric Van Muysen, Jean-Michel Philippe
  • System administrators: Gérald Kerma, Ludovic L’Hoir, Jean-Michel Philippe

The project particularly thanks people who gave or are still giving a lot of time to make the project grow:

  • 油蚂蚱 (Benheng Xu), Chinese translator
  • 白清杰 (Born), Chinese translator
  • 付林 (Drawing), Chinese translator
  • Ehtele, Norwegian translator
  • Hackson Wang, Chinese translator
  • Helijs, Latvian translator
  • Jay Alexander Fleming, Serbian translator
  • Joe Hansen, Danish translator
  • Kvisitor, Greek translator
  • Lars Viklund, Swedish translator
  • Marian Vasile, Romanian translator
  • Miguel Bouzada, Galician translator
  • NagiosFree, Chinese translator
  • Олег Коптев (Oleg Koptev), Russian translator and initiator of the contest that gave our project its toucan mascot
  • ప్రవీణ్ ఇళ్ళ (Praveen Illa), Telugu translator
  • Puretech, Malay translator
  • Salvatore Gagliano, Italian translator
  • Sithu Thwin, Burmese translator
  • Yago Nuchera, Spanish translator
  • people of the French National Education who promote our project in schools

We also want to thank two people who helped DoudouLinux look better:

  • Benoît Vallade, who created the CD drawings of the release 1.x series Gondwana and a DoudouLinux poster involving Richard Stallman®
  • Gnokii, who drew the toucan mascot of the project

Finally two organizations already took part or are still taking part to the development of the project:

Come and help us make DoudouLinux even better or provide more languages more quickly!

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